Email as we know it has had its time.

One of the biggest problems we face today is our overflowing inbox. The way we use email (reply, reply all, cc, bcc, forward) is just asking for trouble. A conversation should become simple again.
And you might think it's just a matter of tooling. Some apps already do a great job. But actually, they're just hacking the system, as the problem lies deeper.

From a technical point of view, email is very simple, as the name of the protocol already suggests (SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Everything is transmitted as pure text. As a consequence, every mail can be read on every server your email passes. So your privacy is at risk.
The recent Snowden revelations about the NSA practices are a proof of what's technical possible.
Secondly, when binary files are attached to an email, they are converted into text files making them on average 33% bigger.
Emails are still hopping from server to server to reach their destination. A good idea in the old days when servers weren't very reliable, but today it's just a waste of costly resources.


So we invented a new one. One that fits the needs of our time. It's designed to be fast and cost effective. It will respect your privacy. At all time.
Conversations are the heart of OpenCom. Forget about the inbox. Streams organize your conversations in manageable flows.
And as it turned out, OpenCom is a perfect match for blogging, public messaging or file sharing too. All in a simple uniform way.

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The moment you send a private message, it is encrypted with RSA and AES, the most secure encryption algorithms on the planet. You don't have to trust us, trust the math.


OpenCom is designed to be fast. Small or big messages, once they are uploaded to the server they are broadcasted really, really fast.

no spam.

Nobody likes spam. So OpenCom has a central user management system making it easy to white or black list other users. No more anonymous mails.


Stay on top of your incoming mails with manageable streams and easily configurable rules. Send questions, invitations, announcements, blog posts, pictures, etc. instead of email messages. They will drastically improve your workflow.


OpenCom requires way less server resources by design.

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